celebrities in Limbo

Prince died in the afternoon on the 21st of April. However,  during the Morning, through public bus windows on my way  to an advisory meeting past the university golf course, a series of sprinklers orchestrate  mushroom clouds in the   background  of  an individual practicing   close range shots.

already in Limbo

( 20th  at ‘birr’s, 5  rotating eLs emit smoke spirals into the soft evening light).

21st still,  in the kitchen during pre dinner service,

Chyna, the retired women’s wrestler also died in a remote location “On aTMZ link posted to Facebook”, I  overheard from  Chef

amidst the metal clangs of spatulas against a flat griddle, chopping cheesesteaks in central PA.

“U heard about chyna?” He Asks me.


“yeah, she died,” I replied, before inquiring  “So,Has she even done anything lately?”


“Yeah, Drugs “ The grill cook  Exclaims, while he plates the steak melt sandwich.


  1. a Single sequin drifts in my coffee like a ufo hovering in a starless sky, Surrounded by Light pollution. I consume the coffee, including the sequin along with Newport ash that had plummeted to the floor of the mug, mixing in with the sugar sludge, while she discusses death policies with a life insurance company over the last remaining sliding-text-keyboard cellphone, the minimalist phone.


The 20th opens with bubbling black tar, boiling in recollections that refuse to dissipate, fizzling into a cool, hard solid, interrupted by suburban necessities, left basking in order to  decipher  multiple choice questions.


Clouds permeate in early evening sunbeams through slanted open blinds. Bernie sanders spoke on Tuesday. People stood in line for blocks by the hour. Thursday people waited hours  to get Curtis Jackson to sign 50 cent on vodka at the state run liquor store.


23rd  the smart phone battery continues  draining while apps broadcast the ubiquitous  gps location worldwide, simultaneously  re-configuring network structures.  24th as forgettable as clear & 65°. 25th the spot sugar routinely occupied on top of the fridge had been replaced with a large bag of flour. Maybe that’s what happened. I returned to sleep, unprepared for a day like this.


26th becoming dependent on my phone to function, I inadvertently  walk  off gps streets, not having the mobile device to provide direction. clouds densely formed in squalls as The sun rolls along behind them as if peering through bars, forming waves of light juxtaposed with vanquishing shadows, creating a domino effect of motion, highlighting an untraveled path. Without a phone I have only a vague concept of time, making it all the more difficult to keep to my work schedule,

While the wooded pathway leads only farther away from responsibility due to the extant construction of highway sound barrier walls.


6-6-16 sometime over the weekend

(reported by Internet notifications  Friday the 3rd)

experts determined the cause of Prince’s death to be a heroin overdose.

The cause of death was later changed to doctor’s error, since it took over a month to figure out what the symptoms of opiate overdose look like, a common medical  condition  which  most hospital emergency rooms treat by administering a shot of Narcan™.  & yet despite heroin overdoses  being  a typical  cause of  death when it comes to  celebrities,  especially when occurring  in a sudden untimely manner, the opioid antidote could not have been used, since not a single doctor nor health professional nor  personal friend/ manager could identify heroin as a cause of death until June??? .


When reached for comment

The head autopsy doctor stated:

“I should have known, just based on the way he was dressed.”