wHat the j. H cHrist goes on beHind glass doors?

wHat the j. H cHrist goes on beHind glass doors?

0n jesus Christ day, the 19th day of June, 2016 years after the allegedly illegitimate birth of Jesus, referred to as Zeus by those who knew him,the Government food balance on my monthly allowance posts at $9.11, which is nine-Eleven, a government day inaugurated by George W. Bush, creating the nonfictional enemy equivalent of euroAsia or eastAsia, except the media reports the nomenclature as Afghanistan, Libya or Isis & previously it named both iRaq & chiRaq as The crux of the war on terror, knowing the math adds up to be 2+2=5.


Faygo behind glass doors in the age of ignorance

Mathematics remains A universal truth consumers have zero time to read into, when Cow’s milk has been unquestionably masquerading as acceptable for human consumption on shelves behind glass doors, mass produced for solicitation at locations conveniently open 24hrs, while the disoblige of my human memory forgets cereal, causing breakfast to be a challenging task in the early morning hours before my 12 hour shift, a languorous event of job preservation,


“What the fucking Hell does the H. Stand for in jesus H. Christ?” A tenured server asks, inadvertently deciding the topic of discussion for the day,

A difficult question to answer, since the company cellphone prohibition crackdown has been strictly enforced lately, which we attempt to circumvent by asking Siri about the origin of Jesus H Christ on lock screen mode, which theoretically allows Google interaction while not being on the phone, at least in the minds of cooks preparing endless Father’s Day meals, while our children presumably enjoy their summertime youth,

The way

Wales McCormick, a childhood friend of Mark Twain,while printing a traveling religion salesman’s sermon, formalized the H in Jesus Christ, which had already been common southern blasphemy at the time.


the Fry Guy told me i don’t smoke blunts & to Blog ’bout that.

the Fry Guy told me i don’t smoke blunts & to Blog ’bout that.

Two $1.05 pre-Rolls, containing point 5 a piece, split equally  with my homie Danny B. At 2:30 or 3:00 in the a.m. gave us telepathic powers, which we used to communicate dining arraignments, concluding  Micky D’s to be the unanimous favorite, as the geographically closest restaurant also currently  being advertised  on television.

“I got two dollars, bro” Dan announces, permanently annihilating  our recently acquired telepathic powers.

“ I also have two dollars, somehow,”I stated, while holding up a crumpled paper Jefferson  in amazement.


Lightning Newport 100’s, while leaving the third floor apartment as the door securely closes behind us, we embark into the solid darkness of a town void of streetlights, toward  the distant glow of the Golden Arches.


Upon arriving,

store televisions broadcast liberal  news shows discussing transgender bathrooms and the ancient historical urination code of Hammurabi, except I was not really paying attention to them, just like we were standing in line behind people already holding paper receipts, having already ordered.

We waited behind  people until the sales associate informed us of the situation, apologizing for the 5 minutes of waiting, which I interpreted to imply that  all time spent inside a McDonald’s is an egregious event requiring additional money all the time, because my friend’s order totaled $2.36, an odd number of cents, & having only two dollars I gave him two quarters and a dime, yet somehow he was still 6¢ short, a fractional amount of money, which he simply found on the counter, finally satisfying the demands of the employee operating the cash machine. When he was done paying, the sales associate asks what I want from the menu  & not actually having been there to get  anything from them,

I told her “double cheeseburger”, an item I anticipated being $1.06, since I haven’t been to a McDonald’s since  some time in 20o1,& I had forgotten to factor in inflation, or perhaps I used to order hamburgers or mcChicken sandwiches, either way a mcDouble Cheeseburger costs $2.27 & having given my homie all my lose change found myself 27¢ shy of the bill, a relief since I never wanted Micky D’s originally, yet her eyes demanded more money.


“I only have this 2 dollars,” I informed, holding up my bill of certified united states federal currency, yet her eyes burned an unspoken & unspecified ultimatum.

“ I gave all my change to my friend, remember, you were there?” I implore.

My statements only infuriate her more, since she now realizes that her corporate greed just moments prior had economic costs, & the $2 would not be spent at McDonald’s today, Although inevitably the money will become a McDonald’s transaction,


Eventually everyone goes to McDonald’s, a 24 hour fast food restaurant In a town containing  17 total restaurants, with only 4 of them open after midnight (allegedly).and     All McDonald’s are basically the same.

The fry guy said “blog about that” 

jesus christ committed suicide by cop. In the morning portion of my shift The fry guy decided my topic should be potatoes, which i steamed in the Cleveland steamer, a brand name of kitchen steamers.

The steamer steams mashed potatoes to reheat or whole red potatoes ready to be mashed in just the first hour of the day. By some time  after 4, the reheated potatoes turn to mush, being replaced by the mashed ones from 8 or 10 hours ago. By now the mashed potatoes are a day old, and clearly I should have added more cream or milk( although at 11:00 am the fresh bowl tasted like potatoes).
Sunday service lasted until the last pan & that was yesterday and an hour ago &
Monday remembers dead soldiers from war with Memorial Day.