ObamA administratioN Lays Out $56 Million Plan for Libya

ObamA administratioN Lays Out $56 Million Plan for Libya

this call may be recorded by the local DmV :

Under surveillance I made the call Requesting a fax number if available, & since it’s the government that’s not an option.

“mail the forms to whatever address u would like, it’s up to yoU, really,” I’m told, except that it’s not & im asking for an informed opinion.

“If it’s up to me I would fax it from the US post office, located inside my local corner store, where the employees would actually be able to microwave my meatball sub to room temperature or above “, I awkwardly, yet affably explain,


Finally, I’m told where to mail the forms.

In the kitchen, showing on the iPad application periscope, a blonde preacher women pontificates various aphorisms with a southern baptist accent, all of which I have heard before, and with knowledge comes my power to literally predict her next rhyming bit of advice, yet I remain silent, because silence is golden, according to the words on the thx movie theater screen.

Which is kinder than the financial email folder on an iPhone screen, showing:

3 insufficient funds deductions of $38.50 each after 5, so I can’t even call, yet I still have a positive balance & it has been for 6 days, since I deposited my paycheck on Friday.

Then i learned banks have the ability to alter time, because money deposited on Friday is considered Monday’s business & actually doesn’t even post until Tuesday, while money withdrawn from the bank on Saturday and Sunday is considered a special type of Monday business, which somehow precedes the Friday business moved to Monday/Tuesday business when paychecks get approved, (because who wants to work on Friday afternoon ) & that’s how I have positive $68 and three insufficient funds on Wednesday, after normal business hours, making it Thursday when the bank personnel advised me how to circumvent the system by using the drive Thru atM even though I don’t own a car.


Because cars cost money & obviously I spent all my money on fines for not having enough money on time.