People are terrified of Donald Trump becoming president and having access to the nuclear launch codes, although to provide perspective, people nationwide are terrified of clowns.
On the 18th day of October, hurricane weather made it unseasonably80°F in the mountains. at a local supermarket, an elderly lady in golf attire could be heard complaining that while it’s a beautiful day to be on the golf course it “could be a little cooler out”.
by November 8th, trump becomes president elect number 45. & While the volunteers at polling locations were counting the 2016 presidential election results, The local weather remained an autumn aberration, sunny and 65°F in the Appalachian mountains.
The day after electing Trump future leader of the free world, the American People begin wearing safety pins in order to symbolically declare themselves a place of safety from ideologies held by Trump supporters. This accomplishment in safety operated under the false presumption that friendly conversations were the equivalent of a literal, physical asylum, yet the trending hashtag accompanying the movement validated the efforts as successful according to liberal statisticians with stocks in the steel industry.
Despite the statistically significant increase in safety pin sales, it continued to snow on top of melting polar ice caps, creating a paradoxical confusion which caused NASA to ask for an extension on their official climate change report, requesting a few more decades to measure the net difference.
Trump responds by hiring a presidential cabinet of oil executives.
Awaiting Inauguration Day
in a drawer, cigarettes were left with removed filters, creating old fashioned filter less Newport 100’s.


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